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by Stefanie & David T. on Bon Voyage Pet Services
She's all that... and more!

I highly recommend Bon Voyage Pet Services - Penny is absolutely great with my cat! What I love about Penny is that she is exclusively a CAT sitter - so she KNOWS cats. Penny is professional, punctual and takes care of my 15 year old "baby" as well as I do, if not better! I know that my kitty-girl gets a ton of love and playtime whenever Penny visits, and she takes some really great photos when she sends me daily updates. I have used her 6 times in the last 18 months and every time we've returned home, it's been a pleasant surprise to see our girl so...well, just chill... as if we never went away. Thank you Penny!

by Deb and Jack on Bon Voyage Pet Services
Loving Care

During the three years we spent summers in Arden we were so fortunate to have found Penny to take care of our two Bengal girls when we traveled. They loved her and looked forward to her visits and seemed disappointed when we came home! We received a short text and picture of our girls everyday. Now that we live in Florida full time, we and the girls miss seeing Penny. She’s everything you want in a kitty sitter.

Penny is an angel!

I rescued a kitten a month after having to put my 16 year old baby down. I needed a pet sitter somewhat soon after. I was so hesitant to leave on a trip. I found Penny and there was no looking back! Penny helped me with my moody kitten who loved to open doors, turn of faucets and get into everything! When I took trips I’d leave her the info on his newest threat and she’d always be on top of it. She offered suggestions in toys to help keep his mind challenged and the “coils” she gave him were life changing! I quickly rescued a second, a second as a buddy for the first. Penny was so good about leaving notes when I was gone, helping to keep me informed and taking such good care. I need we was concerned about my little ones, knowing penny was there. She’d send cute pics and updates. I love the daily checkin sheet she’d leave as well. Very informative. I’m so glad I found Penny!

Look no further!

The professionalism in which Penny interacts with her "people", is stellar - something I don't see very often. She conducts an interview and provides a contract in which all details of the visits are detailed, complete with emergency contact info, and a backup plan. Upon interviewing with Penny, you know immediately that she is a "cat person" and will give your cats the very best care. All of my concerns about having a "stranger" inside our home and anxiety about the cats were immediately put to rest.The cats, Eddie & Daisy were thrilled to see us when we returned, and we could tell they hadn't been stressed by our departure. Penny managed everything, complete with monitoring our senior cat's tendency for using the garage as his litter box. The daily texts and pictures were such a nice feature. She watered thirsty plants and brought in the mail. Because she brings her own toys, the cats were stimulated with new and different activities. We will absolutely use Bon Voyage Pet Services again, and again!

by Cindy Nigrini on Bon Voyage Pet Services
Simply the best!

Penny is so caring with my two cats. I have used her countless times in the past year and a half since moving here from PA. Finding a new pet sitter was one of my biggest fears, but she quickly put my mind at ease with her calm demeanor. One of my cats has a heart condition and is now on four different medications, twice daily. Penny does a fantastic job of making sure she is here every 12 hours while I am away to make sure he gets his meds in a timely fashion. I also get text updates after each visit, and often times a pic of my boys so I can rest assured they are happy while I am away. They love her so much sometimes I think they would prefer her over me!! That's about the highest compliment I can give 🙂

Feed, play, medicate - Penny does it all!

We have two cats, one of which is 17 years old and has diabetes and severe chronic bronchitis. Penny is available at a moment's notice and has never missed a scheduled visit or medicine dosing, even in a snowstorm! She brings her own toys and plays with them in addition to feeding and medicating. Our cats are happy and comfortable with her...and look forward to her visits and playtime! Penny reduces our stress while we are away, as we know that our fur babies are in the best hands!

by Deb Trimbach on Bon Voyage Pet Services
Best pet sitter

When we moved to Asheville from Ohio we immediately started looking for a pet sitter for our two kitties, Franny and Zooey. Looked online and found Penny!! Oh my gosh are we the lucky ones! We have used Penny at least ten times in the past year! Franny and Zooey don't miss us and they have so much fun with Penny. She keeps us updated on them daily, either a text or photo!! We are all very happy campers!!!

by Chris evensen on Bon Voyage Pet Services

Penny is awesome with our cats! We call her whenever we leave for a few days and she always spends quality time with them (not just feed/litter/leave). She often sends us pics while we are away of her playing with the clan which makes us feel much better about having to leave them. Rates are very reasonable. Call her!

Happy Kitten!

I was extremely nervous leaving my young cat, Juniper home for 11 days while I was away on vacation. She is very attached to me and still a kitten at heart needing lots of play and love. Penny reassured me that everything would be okay and sent me picture updates while I was away! Juniper did wonderfully and I came home to a happy, healthy kitty. I can't recommend her enough.

Cats are happy

Not only did Penny do a great job taking care of our cats, but she let us know that the electricity was out on a very cold day. She turned on the faucets to drip so our pipes wouldn't freeze. Luckily the power was on for the next visit but I feel she helped us avoid a costly problem.

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