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Are your kitties family members with fur?

You have come to the right place!  I spend my time reading, writing and thinking about cats.  How to make their lives more interesting, what makes them excited and challenges their minds.  The evolution of cats from outside roamers to indoor companions requires us as pet guardians to enhance their indoor lives as much as possible. By working with my crew at home and being a foster mom to countless litters of kittens that have all gone on to find forever homes, I am always working and creating interesting goals for my kitties.  There are some great food puzzles for sale now that require a bit of work to earn kibble and while the older cats sometimes sit back and let the younger cat, Ella, do most of the work, they are still engaged and intrigued (and awake)!


Ella with a food puzzle

As you very well know, your kitties would rather stay home where they are comfortable.  My calling is to keep your kitties not only safe and comfortable during your absence, but, provide quality play and petting time if your kitty indulges.  Often I am told, “you’ll never see Fluffy”, so far, that has not been my experience.  By using a variety of toys or just a soft voice while reading on the couch, I have yet to have a kitty that stayed hidden for more than one visit.  You could have that kitty, but rest assured by monitoring the food intake and litter output, I will know if your fur baby is out and about in my absence.

I was so sure that this was my purpose I invested in a Certification in Professional Pet Sitting.  After studying the manual – yep, it’s that big – and passing the exam, the best benefit for my clients is the requirement for continuing education.  This encourages me (in addition to my passion) to keep abreast of the happenings in my field.  I have attended two Annual Conferences hosted by Pet Sitters International and plan on making it a yearly event.  The conference is the perfect opportunity to keep up to date and learn from other pet sitters in this fast growing industry.



My Crew!

Welcome to the crew!

Welcome to the crew Boo!

Welcome Huckleberry (aka Boo) to the crew.  My second official “foster fail”. I just couldn’t let him go.  The girls don’t know what to think of this active, boisterous little boy.  He has brought new life to the crew and gives Ella a good work out.  He loves all toys right now and appears to be a fetcher.


Ella - my official fun tester

Ella – my official fun tester



Ella came to me as a foster kitten.  You can read her story in my blog. Ella’s job is to test active toys, puzzles and overall fun. She takes her job seriously and loves to show up the older kitties. There isn’t a puzzle that Ella hasn’t figured out!


Gypsy was the cat of an acquaintance who when describing her used the words “she’s pretty ugly” can you imagine!  A beautiful tortie who likes to lay around in “cool” poses, Gypsy is the only declawed cat – done by her previous owner.  When she bops another on the head, the other kitties just think she’s really polite.  Gypsy loves sunny spots, sleeping and the laser pointer.

Gypsy in a cool pose

Gypsy in a cool pose

Gypsy the purr bug

Gypsy the purr bug







Made popular by Jackson Galaxy, I have been doing this for years.  Cats love cardboard boxes.  I don’t question why, I just go with it!  My cats always have a cardboard box in the floor – it’s like a safe space to them.  If Suzette hears a loud noise or there is a stranger visiting, she sits in her box.  It’s quite cute and an inexpensive way to make her feel safe.  I toss a ball in there every once in a while and Ella will work to get it out.  Usually any big box that comes in the house is given over for a day or two for kitty entertainment.


When buying a new house, a screen porch for the girls was a must.  When we found the perfect house but no porch, we had one built.  In addition, we had perches installed for the cats and a running rail around the inside of the screen.  The screened porch is one of the favorite areas of our house for humans and cats!

Cat trees galore!  I think every room has a cat tree except the bathroom.  Cats are going to scratch and you need to give them a good place to do it or they’ll choose the leather couch!  Having different materials is important. Some cats prefer corrugated cardboard, some love sisal rope or rugs and others like carpet.

In Memorium


Cleo was a shelter cat adopted when she was about 2 years old.  She was the self-proclaimed queen of the kitty hierarchy and tried to keep everyone in line.  She believed that pillows were invented for her to sleep on. I lost my 12 year old cuddle buddy in April 2015 to Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  We fought for a year to save her but lost the battle.  I miss her every day.



Suzette, my fetching kitty

Suzette was born on a neighbors porch and I met her soon after.  I’ve always had a soft spot for tabby kitties and picked her out right away.  She is a Momma’s girl and could always be found not far from me and behind my legs at night.  Suzette loved flying toys and fetches for hours!