5 Home Owner Questions Your Professional Pet Sitter Should Ask

5 Questions to Keep Your Home Safe


Professional Pet Sitters have Service Agreements and Intake Forms to determine the care needed for your pet.  In addition to the questions about your pet’s routine and care, it is just as important for the Pet Sitter to know some details about your home so they can respond to an event that could cause harm to your home and/or your pets.

  1. Where is the water cut off located for your home?  In the event of a water leak, knowing this information can allow a fast-acting Pet Sitter to save you money in damages and perhaps save your pet from needing to be moved to another location.
  2. Where is the breaker box for your home?  Sometimes breakers trip and if your Pet Sitter knows where the box is located they can flip the breaker and get the electricity back on.  What if the outage affected the refrigerator? 
  3. How long has is been since you changed your smoke detector’s battery?  Not only for the safety of the pets and Pet Sitter, when a smoke detector’s battery is low is starts to beep, and beep, and beep.  Our pet’s ears are much more sensitive than our own and the constant beep will increase their stress levels.  The question is a good reminder to the client to go ahead and change the battery.  Some homes have smoke detectors up in the top of their cathedral ceilings and a Pet Sitter would not able to get to the detector.
  4. Where are your cleaning supplies kept?  In the event of a potty accident in the house, the Pet Sitter will want to use your supplies in the manner that you would normally use them.  In addition to successfully clean up the accident, the supplies have been used around your pet before lessening the chance for a reaction to a new chemical.
  5. Are there any problems with your doors or locks?  If you have any little glitches with your door closing or your lock engaging it is helpful for the Pet Sitter to know this ahead of time.  Always test the key with your Pet Sitter.  You probably don’t even think about unlocking and opening your door so doing a test with your sitter may remind you that you have to pull hard on the doorknob for the lock to engage, or that you don’t have the key for the doorknob so only use the deadbolt, etc. 

In addition to the instructions on caring for your pet, these 5 questions can open a dialogue between you and your Professional Pet Sitter to keep both your pet and your home safe and secure while you’re away.

Happy you're home!

Happy you’re home!


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