Cat Art Work

My Cats as Works of Art

Cat art work catches my eye, especially if it reminds me of one of my kitties. I have been fortunate over the years to find pieces that capture the essence of my beloved babies.

Alley’s Art Work

Alley Art Work

Alley as an Artist would see her, fur so black it is blue

Alley Cat Art Work

Alley all curled up, you can’t tell head from tail!

My collection of cat art work began with a print that portrayed Alley to a tee.  She was all black except for three little white hairs under her chin.  She never photographed well which is true of many black cats.  Her favorite sleeping position was curled up in a ball behind my legs or in my lap.  It was if she was trying to absorb all the heat she could get.  I saw this print in a home decorator magazine and had to have it.

Suzette’s Art Work

Tabby Cat Art Work

Artist Rendition of Suzette

Suzette's picture for art work

Suzette posing for the artist!

I was on vacation and stopped by an art gallery in Charleston, SC and I saw this print.  Immediately it reminded me of Suzette.  The inquisitive eyes and forward posture shows off my curious tabby.  We had the print framed locally and it makes me smile whenever I see it.


Gypsy’s Art Work

Tortie Cat Art Work

Gypsy in Pop Art. The Artist captured her well.

Tortie Cat Picture

The picture of Gyspy we sent to the artist

Since we now had Alley and Suzette represented proudly on our walls at home, it was time to include our tortie, Gypsy. We scoured the internet looking for prints that showed off her beautiful colors.  Unsatisfied with what we found, we commissioned an artist who did pop art renditions of pets to showcase Gypsy.  She did a wonderful job.  I wish I could find her information to pass along, but, it was many years ago.  A company called AllPopArt seems to be doing the same thing.


Ella’s Art Work

Ella, being the baby of the family, has two pieces of artwork, one that captures her physically and one that captures her nature.  The first is a custom Paper Cat Sculpture done by Matthew Ross on Etsy.  From a picture he included Ella’s coloring and the detail of her missing right eye.  The second painting we found online at the AllPopArt site, this painting reminded us of Ella and her curiosity, peeking out from under furniture to ambush any passing sisters.

When deciding on home decor, I was happy to find images that combined my love of color and my fur babies.  Even though Alley passed years ago, I still think of her and smile each time I see the blue cat print. My next addition to the family will have his or her own Andy Warhol Pop Art rendition.  I can’t wait!



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